7 Days 

Are seven days enough for romance to blossom? Does time really matter if it’s true love?
Why did Shruti turn up for the interview when she was dead against appointment? Why doesn’t Ayaan reject her, despite her imprudent behavior? Will Ayaan bear it all or will Shruti succeed in her tactics to get expelled? What is Ayaan’s connection with the mysterious woman? Will it affect his relationship with Shruti? 

Was it only love that conspired their meeting or did their paths cross for some other unknown reasons? Will past also have its say or only misunderstandings will triumph over romance? Will there be a happy ending with a twist or will there be trouble in paradise forever? 

To know about this story, order the book 7 Days by Srishti Parmar (me).

Pre-order enabled from playstore and Google books and from bookscamel.com for paperback (printed) books.

BooksCamel: http://www.bookscamel.com/preorders/7days/

Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=V9IkDwAAQBAJ

Shall be available at flipkart and amazon on 30th. 
Order now and read the story that will transcend rhe barriers of time!


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