7 Days 

Are seven days enough for romance to blossom? Does time really matter if it’s true love?
Why did Shruti turn up for the interview when she was dead against appointment? Why doesn’t Ayaan reject her, despite her imprudent behavior? Will Ayaan bear it all or will Shruti succeed in her tactics to get expelled? What is Ayaan’s connection with the mysterious woman? Will it affect his relationship with Shruti? 

Was it only love that conspired their meeting or did their paths cross for some other unknown reasons? Will past also have its say or only misunderstandings will triumph over romance? Will there be a happy ending with a twist or will there be trouble in paradise forever? 

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The Untold Story

There were numerous times when she was blue,
But like a dedicated lover,
he was always there.
Right by her side,
Smiling with a complacent stare.

He had longed her embrace since time immemorial.
And one day,
Through utter determination,
He created ‘tomorrow’
And sought his help,
Just to get a glimpse of her
everyday, without any sorrow!

But for all that matters,
The plan backfired.
And much to his misery,
She too fell for the latter.

The agony it caused was too deep.
And to dilute his pain,
He took a vow,
that he would remember everything only for a single day,
Till the moon called it a day.
‘Nothing can be done now,
for the pledge was irrevocable!’
Said the sages by the bay.

Meanwhile, she too was hurting,
For ‘Tomorrow’ had deserted her,
Saying it was not he, she should look for!
She was sad but bore the refusal with superficial strength,
For her heart too had been broken.

But learning of the torment,
She had put her true lover through,
She cried inconsolably,
And took a vow,
That she too would suffer for ages,
Running after ‘tomorrow’,
Ending up with the same fate,
And that she would always feel a vacuum,
Which she wouldn’t be able to comprehend ,
Till she realized that it was
‘Today’ her heart had always yearned!

And This story untold,
Of ‘The One’
For her, needs to unfold!
For the time is ripe,
And who knows what fate will hold!

Bitterly Sweet Life

It’s amazing how you outgrow things

You were once so obsessed with..!


How you do just fine without things

You once felt you could not live without..!


How you end up despising the things

You once loved the most..!


How we learn that life

Goes on, no matter what..!


How we realize that

Change is the inevitable truth of life..!


Self motivation

You may not be much right now,

But you’re capable of wonders.

Don’t let anyone,

Make you believe that you’re not.



What you are right now,

What you can be,

But most importantly

What you want to be.

And then even the sky,

Shall be at your feet.


Even a slight spark,

On catching fire,

Becomes capable of both

Restoration and destruction,

Of LiFe & LiGhT!


It is upto you what you choose to do or who you choose to be!




One day,

You will be consumed

in the fire of inevitable doom.

You shall leave a flaming story behind,

That will burn bright even in your absence

And ignite the flare of passion in hearts of many.

Therefore, think not of oblivion.

But of inking a beautiful life in that what will be an inspiring story

-Your Flaming Story!