I’ll go

I won’t come close, come close to you now. Not even an inch, not even if I want to. O how dearly I long to.
Even though it fulfills me.
I’ll go. I’ll leave, even if it it kills me.
But darling, if I ever run into your arms, you would see
that my heart is still not free of you or your charms.

I know it’ll be my end, for losing you was never meant.
Oh, I hope one day you would see
that I loved you with all my being.
But ‘m done hurting you, even though it was never my intention. It happened anyway.
O it’s another reason for me not to stay.
But if it’s any consolation, baby it hurt me way much more.
Now that you know I think I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go now. With a scar on my soul, my soul, my soul now.
O you’d feel it too, if you were me-
that ‘m dying of this agony.

But why does letting you go doesn’t feel so right?
Why do I keep thinking it’s worth a fight?
Why do I yearn to hear your voice, saying you’ll make everything right?
O how I wish we had met before, maybe then we’d be together, I don’t know.
O how I will miss the kiss we never had, long enough to drive us mad.
But what I’ll miss the most is you singing at midnight, o how it took away my pain and all my fright.
But now I have to say goodbye.
Because you that’s how you will be happier, happier. I know.
Your smile o so pure, i would die for it a million times and more.
I promise it’ll return once ‘m gone.
So I’ll go, I’ll go, I’ll go.
I won’t cause trouble anymore, anymore, anymore.


The one I’ll never forget

So, there’s a person.
I like him a lot!
Chocolate, oreo, rainbow and puppies,
Is what he reminds me of.

I have butterflies when I talk to him,
Oh, he’s so sweet- I can’t stop thinking.

I wish I could explain how it felt,
when he, in his voice- soo sweet,
sure to make anyone melt,
whispered my name alongside the magical words,
that had something to do with heart & lots of love.

Oh, how it swept me off of my feet,
as my heart kept missing beats.
I wonder if that’s the time when I went insane,
crazy, stupid, in love- all the same!

Well, I resisted with all my might.
For what would a girl who unsure of what it meant would do?
When she herself wasn’t aware of her plight, but sure that path of friendship was the only one she could pursue.
So, I made it clear that ‘love’ for me was forbidden,
even if deep down some uncomprehended emotions remained hidden.
To keep us from perils of it all,
a summer and a winter of silence had to be followed without a fault,
with exception of rare exchanges to keep our hearts warm.

Nonetheless whether it was middle of the day
or dead of the night,
it became a constant struggle, a tough fight,
to keep his thoughts at bay.
But all the attempts of keeping distance went in vain,
when I resolved to be guided by emotions and disobey my brain.
Though I bared my heart to him, to put it at ease.
This is precisely where the trouble began, so I’ve come to believe.

I wonder if he remembers that day,
when we met, first time in a long time.
Feels like centuries ago and yet so sublime.
Oh, a song, like a prophecy foretold what destiny had planned for us.
-Something about true love left incomplete.
The irony makes me smile,
I wish I could have known it all the while.

I never asked why he came in my life and left when he did,
But he didn’t shy from asking me this.
Well it was under the pretence of friendship we had met, and it is exactly where the boundary was set.
Until one day something clicked,
the line went hazy & with it I a bit crazy.
He started to feel like something more
and I realised things weren’t the same as before.
Although if given a choice,
I would still follow my heart with poise
allow it to happen all over again,
submerge in his sweetness first & then happily accept the torrent of pain.

I like him, that’s for sure.
But I think I lost him when I asked him not to expect anything more.
I feel guilty for not feeling as deeply as him,
But was I wrong in wanting to know him well, before I surrendered completely to his spell?

Do I love him? I don’t know!
But it’s certainly a question I am afraid of.
I don’t think he’s someone I’ll ever forget
But all can do is hope I made decisions I don’t regret.

Come, visit me

Come, visit me.
Even though,
It’s all over.
Oh! I know.

But for just once,
Come, visit me.
I promise.
It’ll be the last.

Bring back the stardust
that once twinkled in my eyes
and the moonlight
that once graced the skies.

Come, when it pleases you.
If you ask me, any time would do.

Even if it’s the dead of night
when you arrive,
When my unguarded heart
is a tempting delight.

Or even if it’s a bright sunny day,
that’d bring you to me
When my heart’s draped in armor,
as some would say.
I know it would make me swoon
all the same,

Come, visit me.
Just once.
I swear,
it’ll be the last.

Take me in your arms,
Only to kiss away the pain.
Oh please,
for once make the sun shine again.

Come,visit me
just once,
And Fear not,
I shall not bear any weapon or regret.

Come, visit me.
Just once, and;
the fire in my bones, and
the spirit of my soul.

Come, visit me
Just once.
I assure you,
I’ll atleast try
to make it our last.

Someday, maybe

Someday, maybe.
Under the shadow of the stars,
As the sun kisses my heart,
All the pain would vanish,
And it wouldn’t hurt as much to breathe.

Maybe, someone will say
All that happened,
was not meant to be
Something that could have happened,
is waiting to be.

I think of the storm that would brew.
But the calm that’d follow too.

Someday, maybe?
I think to myself.
Someday, maybe!
I console myself.

Blown by the wind

O’ tell me something!
Have you seen a leaf-
brown and brittle, soiled and almost lifeless;
but with a timid tinge of green?

Have you seen it flying with the soft breeze?
As if suddenly blessed with wings,
and now dancing to its tunes.
As though it has found a life of its own,
or so it wishes to sing.

But then,
the breeze stops, as you well know.
And the leaf?
The leaf falls.
And scattered, it lays with million broken pieces on the ground.

So I’ll let you in on something,
I tell myself every now and then.
“In flash of a second,
It will happen.
In flash of a second,
It will end.
So savor the moment,
for it may never, transpire again.”

just so you know,
The leaf lay there with hope still in sync.
For the fall may have brought it down,
it couldn’t take away its newfound wings.
And the tinge of green,
well! it’s never so timid again.

Forever- a lie

I knew forever was a lie.
But everytime you made me smile,
Oh, the million times when you made me smile,
My heart made me believe otherwise.
And now,
It’s been ages,
Since this happened,
Yet it feels like last moon
When the heavely stars witnessed
our confession.

I knew forever was a lie.
But I fell,
Everytime you played with words,
like strings of your guitar.
“I will never stop loving you”
The words flew from your mouth and pierced my heart.
Like a song,
it had me mesmerised.
And I listened to it,
Even as sun and moon kept changing their paths.

I guess I should have told you when I had the chance.
But forgive me,
I didn’t know
there would be a ‘last’
in forever of your thoughts.

I know forever Is a lie.
Yet, the sad thing is
My heart, my stubborn heart!
Keeps trying to sway me to the forsaken path,
Hopeful that the universe will conspire again,
Making forever my truth again!